Is it Better to Buy A New Biomat® or a Used Biomat®

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Is it Better to Buy A New Biomat® or a Used Biomat®

comparing new and old Mini BioMat

Purchasing a Richway Amethyst Biomat® is a big investment. Sometimes you can find a used Biomat® available for sale. There are a lot of factors to consider when deciding whether it is better to buy a new Biomat® or used Biomat. And while there are cost savings to consider, I also encourage you to ask a lot of questions of the seller before you purchase a used Biomat®.

The first Biomat® I purchased was a Mini Biomat® in 2008. My Mom still uses it. I sold my old Professional Biomat® that I purchased in 2009 in 2015 (and it is still working well for my customer).

A client of mine wanted to incorporate the Biomat® into her complimentary health regime (which she took on with the support of a Naturopathic Doctor). In this time she had an opportunity to use both the new 7000 mx Mini Biomat® and the older model of Mini Biomat®. Here’s her feedback when comparing the new Biomat® or Used Biomat® models:

“I much preferred the new Mini Biomat® when comparing to the older model. The newer one is a better size (bigger) and seems heavier and more solid. I liked that you could see the two kinds of crystals more clearly. Also, the sheet/cover for the older one kept falling off and getting tangled, which was quite frustrating since I wanted to keep it covered properly. The newer mat’s cover was nice and tight and the four end corner pieces fit perfectly. I loved the fact that the new Biomat®’s controls gave me many more options, such as timing of hours when the mat will automatically shut off, and a higher temperature setting for the short periods of use. The information pamphlet that was included with the newer mat was very informative and well done as well.”
Jill Robinson
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Key Differences between Biomat® 7000 MX and previous models

There are a few differences between the Bio Mat 7000 mx and the previous models.

  • • new control panel
  • • longer electrical cord
  • • new TOCA layer of material which contains Black Tourmaline

I did a video that shows the differences between the older Mini Biomat® and the new 7000 mx Mini Biomat® (which also applies to the professional sized Biomat®).

The Biomat® 7000mx was released at the end of 2012. Here’s a video I recorded about things to keep in mind when you are contemplating purchasing a new BioMAtt or a used Biomat®:

Key Questions to Know Before Buying a Used Biomat®

When considering purchasing a used Biomat®, a couple of key things to find out are:

1 How was the Biomat® used (i.e. in a clinic, personally)
2 How much was it used (how many times per week)
3 How much did they buy it for (that previous model brand new would have been $1,350 US + shipping)
4 What kind of condition is it in- are there any stains, marks or tears
5 What kind of condition is the cover and travel bag in
6 Why are they selling it

Also the warranty is non-transferable, so if you need to repair the Biomat® later on, you would pay the full price for repairs, rather than the discounted price in the first few years.

How to spot a Fake Biomat®

In recent years a number of imitation Biomat®’s have come on the market. And while it is great to have new products for consumers to choose from, many of these new products are trying to trick you into thinking it is an authentic Richway Amethyst Biomat®, when it really doesn’t have the research and quality workmanship to back it up.

Here are 3 ways to tell that the Biomat® is an authentic Original Richway Biomat®.

A real authentic Richway Amethyst Biomat® will have the following identifying features:

1. On the Mini and Pro Biomat® Case there is a metal emblem on the outside that says Biomat® Richway and the inside liner says Biomat® Richway.
2. On the back of the Biomat® itself, there is a little white label (kind of like the white label that would be on a new pillow or couch that says do not remove until delivered to customer), and on this label it says it is manufactured and distributed by Richway.
3. On the front of the Biomat®, there is a leather patch at the top that states the model and says Richway.
4. The controller says Richway.

If a used Biomat® is the only manner in which you can bring the Biomat® into your health regime, then go for it. If you are able to afford to stretch to a new Biomat®, even if it’s the Mini Biomat®, I encourage it.

I’d be honoured to help you with making an informed decision about purchasing a Biomat®. Feel free to contact me, or if you are ready to place an order, you can do so, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week online.

Once you place your order, I will follow-up with you to provide an overview of what to expect, and send you a complimentary Biomat® information package to get you started with you Biomat® experience.


  1. Chuck Wagner says:

    I am interested in a used Pro model and live in the wash dc area
    I would like to see the unit before I buy it unless it is coming from Biomat direct

    • Jennifer Lyall says:

      Hi Chuck,

      Any of the used Biomats I have are shipped only within Canada (since I’m in Canada, the Toronto area). This is simply for ease and tax would apply as it goes over the border. I would suggest looking online, even on Facebook Marketplace to see if there is something local to you. Richway (the company that makes the Biomat) does not sell used Biomats.

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