Queen Biomat®

The Queen Biomat® comes with a dual control unit for individual comfort and adjustment levels. This means that someone sleeping on the left side of the bed can set the temperature and timer to suit their needs, while the person on the right side of the bed can select their own personal temperature and timer settings.

Like the Single and King Biomat®, this model has a clear silicon urethane panel over the entire surface of the Biomat® to allow the beauty of the amethyst gems to be enjoyed. This is the original, authentic Biomat® made by Richway & Fuji Bio.

The Queen Biomat® comes with:

  • Dual control unit
  • Duffel style bag
  • 100% quilted cotton cover

Queen Biomat® Dimensions
1400 x 2000mm / 55.11" x 78.74"
Net Weight
27kg / 59.52lbs Without Controller
Electric Consumption
AC 120
Performance Temperature
35-70°C / 95-158°F
Amethyst Size
5mm - 12mm
Amethyst Color
Natural, Violet, Clear
Cut & Shape

Pain Relief & Relaxation

I can say that the Biomat® has generously aided in comforting my back health after every shift I work assisting people with disabilities. The warmth of the mat gives my muscles that support to my XXXXX a fair chance to relax and let go of EXTREME tension and relieves discomfort and pain within 20 minutes of warming up!! "unbelievable"!!!!!

I was troubled with XXXX and had surgery. I had XXXX and was very ill. Coming home I spent All my time on the Biomat® which gave me comfort and allowed me to rest at ease in a state of calmness in order for me to heal.
"a blessing"!!!!!

Being able to use the Biomat® every night at bed time and into the night has really assisted with my sleep patterns and back discomfort and pain. I do wake feeling well rested.

"this beats the 3 to 4 hot baths a day and into the night I was having to try to relieve back discomfort and relax at bed time. "a true comfort"!!!!

As a meditation coach I have truly observed the Biomat® has a generous gift of giving my clients that extra state of relaxation and has helped to bring them to the space they need to be at to totally and completely let go of any tension or discomfort they may have.

The Biomat® also helps person remain in that relaxed state of mind, body and soul as they continue on with the session.

"What a wonder tool/assistant of support I have in the Biomat® "!!!!!

Julie Marie Gibson (Meditation Coach)

$3,850 US including shipping to USA (extra charges apply for Alaska), Canada or Korea

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