Professional Biomat®

The original authentic Professional Biomat® is the most popular model of Biomats®. It is called the Professional model because it is designed to be used in a clinical setting, perfectly sized to fit a standard massage table. If you are a licensed practitioner, be sure to ask about the Professional discount.

The surface of this model is a durable heavy denim-like cotton, with a narrow silicone window displaying the crystals that run through the entire width of the Biomat®. The durable cotton top layer easily withstands everyday wear and tear.

The most current version of the product is the Professional Biomat 7000mx which was released in 2012. You know it's authentic because of the unique patch on the top corner, declaring it's a Richway Biomat.

The Professional model comes with:

  • Controller (120V or 220V) to adjust the temperature settings and timer
  • Cotton cover to make laundering simple
  • Hard shell, durable travel case, so you can easily take the Biomat® wherever you go.

The Amethyst Pillow shown below is sold separately and often purchased with the Biomat®.

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Professional Biomat®
700 x 1850mm / 27.55" x 72.83"
Net Weight
11.5 kg / 25.35 lbs Without Controller
Electric Consumption
AC 120
Performance Temperature
35-70°C / 95-158°F
Amethyst Size
3mm - 5mm
Amethyst Color
Natural, Violet, Clear
Cut & Shape
Polariscope Test
Refractive Index

*Amethyst & Tourmaline Pillow sold separately

Pain Management & Recovery from Car Accident:

“I was involved in a car accident approximately 8 months ago. I suffered a XXXX, XXXX and XXXX damage. My XXXX was off and I was feeling XXXX and XXXX most days. I had difficulty sleeping because my head, neck and upper back were in constant pain. Chiropractic care and massage helped somewhat but I felt I was making little headway in terms of recovery. Before the car accident I led a full active lifestyle.

This past winter my husband and I went to Florida for 4 months. He drove down but I needed to fly down because of my injuries. I met a massage therapist in Florida who uses a Biomat® in her practice. She believed the Biomat® along with massage therapy would sincerely help me. At this point I was ready to try anything and so I booked a session on the Biomat®. The Biomat®s deep penetrating heat felt amazing on my body but the real shock and surprise was after the Biomat® session when I was able to get around without pain for at least 2 additional hours that day! This was a huge milestone for me!

After 4 treatments on the Biomat® I knew I would purchase one. The Biomat® has change my life and my health!! It’s the best health investment I have made for myself. I purchased the professional size mat and pillow. Any questions or support I needed regarding the Biomat® were promptly answered by Jennifer Lyall of Liv Healthy™, the Richway representative that sold me the Biomat®. I use my Biomat® every day and I am making a strong recovery. I seldom use medication. I am so very grateful I was introduced to the Biomat®. There is no doubt in my mind I will achieve a full recovery.”

Thank you,

Michelle Lewis <br>(Hamilton, Ontario, Canada)

$1,950 US including shipping to USA (extra charges apply for Alaska), Canada or Korea


$1,850 US including shipping to USA (extra charges apply for Alaska), Canada or Korea

with Practitioner, Military or Emergency Responders Discount (special conditions apply)