BioAcoustic Mat™

Better Sleep, Better Health, Better Life

This revolutionary healing pad uses the power of sound therapy to support your well-being. It’s a innovatively designed high quality air mattress pad that uses music and low frequency vibration.

Vibroacoustic relaxation is not just for the brain. It creates a sound oasis also providing deep physical cellular stimulation to the skin, muscles, and joints.

Research has shown that relaxing music helps reduce stress. However, with the BioAcoustic Mat™, you not only hear the music but feel it as well. Like a massage, the vibrations from the BioAcoustic Mat™ relaxes you in two ways.

First, powerful low frequency speakers and transducers are used to help deliver a deep acoustic cellular massage. The lower frequencies are used to massage large muscles, and the higher frequencies for smaller muscles. Secondly, these sounds affect brain activity to help contribute to a state of mental well-being. The BioAcoustic Mat™ employs a powerful low frequency sound generator that delivers a deep acoustic massage for joints and tissues.

The BioAcoustic Mat™ includes 12 sound tracks developed by vibroacoustic expert Dr. Lee Bartel

  • Scientifically developed sounds relax and renew your body naturally.
  • Relax by stimulating alpha brainwaves
  • Get energized and solve problems by stimulating your theta brainwaves.
  • Sync your mind to binaural beats.
  • Not only do you hear the sounds, but you also feel the vibrations!

$1,850 US (Professional)


$2,450 US (Single)

includes shipping to USA (extra charges apply for Alaska), Canada or Korea