King Biomat®

The King Biomat® comes with a dual control unit for individual comfort and adjustment levels. This means that someone sleeping on the left side of the bed can set the temperature and timer to suit their needs, while the person on the right side of the bed can select their own personal temperature and timer settings. It is designed to fit your King sized bed, just add the luxurious Quantum Energy Pad

Like the Single and Queen Biomats®, this model has a clear silicon urethane panel over the entire surface of the Biomat® so you can see the beautiful amethyst gems. This is the original, authentic Biomat, made by Richway & Fuji Bio.

The King Biomat® comes with:

  • Dual control unit
  • Duffel style bag
  • 100% quilted cotton cover

King Biomat® Dimensions
1800 x 2000mm / 70.86" x 78.74"
Net Weight
33kg / 72.75lbs Without Controller
Electric Consumption
AC 120
Performance Temperature
35-70°C / 95-158°F
Amethyst Size
5mm - 12mm
Amethyst Color
Natural, Violet, Clear
Cut & Shape

I have had the best days of my life since the Biomat arrived...I'm not even close to exaggerating! It's unbelievable.

Heather (Florida, USA)

$4,650 US including shipping to USA (extra charges apply for Alaska), Canada or Korea