New Product: Germanium Power Pad 187™

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November 21, 2019
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July 12, 2020

New Product: Germanium Power Pad 187™

Richway announces a new product:  The Germanium Power Pad 187™. The Germanium Power Pad 187™ is a waterproof cover made with 100% cotton and germanium. Germanium is similar to silicon and shares many similar properties. The Germanium Power Pad 187™ is sweat resistant and bacteria resistant and helps protect your Biomat® from moisture and odors.

The Germanium Power Pad will replace the Professional Waterproof Cover and Mini Waterproof Cover. Orders for the Professional Waterproof Cover will be accepted until stock is depleted.

This new innovative product, is more like a waterproof cover that is zippered with two special layers of Germanium Oxide, which gives off radiant heat and far infrared rays when heat is applied.  Germanium’s far infrared rays have the effect of releasing heavy metals from the body. This effect also aids in relieving arthritis. An exciting aspect of this new product is that it is available in all sizes of the Biomat:  Mini, Professional, Single, Queen and King.

I’m always impressed with Richway’s new innovations.  They do a lot of research and product testing, and focus on using the highest quality materials in all that they create.

When germanium ions come into contact with human skin, the ions penetrate into the skin along with far infrared rays. It penetrates the subcutaneous tissue and capillaries, activates the electrons in the blood, cleanses the blood and makes the blood alkaline. It relieves the symptoms such as muscle cramping, fatigue, pain, etc., and releases fatigue substances, increasing natural healing power.

You can learn more bout the Germanium Power Pad 187 here.

If you have any questions about the Germanium Pad, the Biomat, AlkalLife 7000sL water filtration system, or any other Richway product, please call me or send me an email.

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