About us

Jennifer Lyall is Liv Healthy’s Chief Vitality Officer. Her passion for wellness and desire to educate people on valuable resources to inspire people to be proactive about your health led her to create Liv Healthy in 2007. It began with a popular video podcast that she co-hosted and co-produced called Vitamin Junkeys, sharing important information on natural approaches to wellness. These shows have been viewed around the world by over 500,000 viewers.

Jennifer’s wellness journey has expanded to include spirituality and energy work. She now also offers Corporate Wellness programs on managing energy and stress reduction in the workplace, Spiritual Mentoring and Intuitive Business Mentoring to encourage people to incorporate mind-body-spirit wellness in their day.

She discovered the Biomat® while attending a wellness show in Hamilton, Ontario in 2008. As a new entrepreneur with young kids she was overworked and tired with trying to keep up the demands of starting a new business while raising a young family. The Biomat® helped her to sleep after experiencing it for just 20 minutes. A better night’s sleep meant a world of difference in how she was able to think and feel and be as a mother and professional. She’s could see the value in the Biomat® and has been sharing it with the world ever since.

Liv Healthy serves clients in Canada and the United States and internationally ranging from South Africa, the United Arab Emirates, Cayman Islands, Australia and all across Europe. Jennifer’s intention is to provide tools and resources for people to live their life authentically in alignment with their personal values. You’ll find Jennifer at wellness events in the community inviting people to try the Biomat®, the same way she discovered this incredible wellness tool.

Richway and Fuji Bio have been sharing high quality health products since 1997, when the first Jade Biomat® was introduced.

Continued research lead to the development of the Amethyst Biomat® in 2000, as Richway’s researchers discovered that Amethyst conducted the energy and vibration of the far infrared rays more effectively.

With offices in Seoul, South Korea, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, Japan and distribution centres in USA, Korea, Australia and China, Richway serves the wellness interests of people around the world.

Richway & Fuji Bio in Honolulu serves as the North American head office. All orders and repairs for North America are processed in Honolulu. Products destined to addresses in North America, South America, Europe or Africa are shipped from the distribution centre in Illinois, USA.

Richway’s Biomat® is hand-made in South Korea with extreme care and careful quality control.

Jeanna Kim of Richway has been acknowledge by the United Nations and received blessing from Pope Benedict XVI for her contribution to improving health care in the world.

Richway is committed to creating high quality, therapeutic products and have extended their product line to include the Amethyst Biomat®, Orgone Bio mat™, Alkal-Life 7000sL™, Bio-Belt™, Rejuvena™ Premium, Amethyst Pillow, Quantum Energy Pad®, Detoxi Salt™