How To Tell If It’s An Authentic, Original Biomat® by Richway

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How To Tell If It’s An Authentic, Original Biomat® by Richway

Authentic Biomat

Authentic Biomat by Richway

A lot of imitation companies that sell far infrared pads are creating misleading websites to confuse consumers.  It can be difficult to understand if the website you are looking at sells the real or an imitation Biomat®. They word the description on their sites in such a way that you don’t know how to tell if it’s an authentic, original Biomat® or not.  This article will help you to identify if the product you are looking at is an authentic, original Biomat®.

Richway & Fuji Bio created the Biomat® over 20 years ago, in 2007. It’s known as the top infrared pad on the market. Despite there being a flood of similar products created, none of them have the tried and true test of high quality components and research to create a long lasting far infrared heating pad.  This article will help educate you on what to look for. 

Some websites use the word Biomat® to describe their product, but Biomat® which is actually a registered trademark by Richway.  There is only one Richway Amethyst Biomat®.

Here are some simple things you can look for:

  • Does the website indicate that they are an authorized Richway Distributor?  You should see this logo in the footer or on the home page and or product page of the website. 

When you see images of the product, can you see that it has the distinctive brown patch at the top with the words indicating it is an authentic Richway Biomat®

  • Does it come with a cotton cover that has Biomat® embroidered on it?
  • Does the controller say Biomat® on it?
  • Does the case it comes with say that it’s a Biomat®?
  • Does it have the beautiful brass pattern on the back of the Biomat®?  This is one of Richway’s luxurious finishes.

I know the quality of the Biomat, I won’t consider anything else, other than the best.
– Rebecca, Holistic Practitioner and Richway Biomat® repeat client.

In addition to those simple things to look for, here are the facts that you need to know about the authentic, original Biomat® by Richway:

Health professionals approve – Thousands of health & wellness professionals are using the Biomat® in their practices – medical doctors, physio therapists, integrative medical doctors, holistic practitioners, yoga teachers, massage therapists, acupuncturists, and naturopaths around the world.

Validated – Independent studies have been done using the Biomat® over the years. The original Biomat® has been featured in books, medical journals and other publications.

Standards – The Biomat® is produced in a Korean medical supply facility under strict quality control and environmental standards. All research & development, design and manufacturing is done in these facilities. Products are inspected every step of the way and exceed safety standards.

Finest Materials – Natural, untreated amethyst and black tourmaline are the only crystals used in the Biomat®. After 20 years of research, it has been concluded that these are the top gemstones for the best results. The Biomat® has evolved through research and contains the finest materials. The top layer is constructed using thick natural cotton fibers and high-quality polyurethane. It is durable and can withstand wear and tear. No glue is used on the amethyst. The fibers are breathable which allows the infrared heat to easily penetrate the body.

Quality – The sleek and modern controller is simple and easy to understand and offers temperatures in Fahrenheit and Celsius (the Mini Biomat® only shows Fahrenheit or Celsius depending on if it’s the 120V or 220V model). Features include an auto step down timer and a shutdown timer for safety and convenience. A dense thermal protection layer to maximize far infrared and negative ions is a key element to the functional design of the Biomat®. The serviceable life of a Biomat® is 5 years; however, thousands of users are using models over 12 years old.

Patented & Licensed – The Biomat® emits more negative ions than other mats. It contains two patented layers. The Peach and Grape Seed Layer, provides additional natural infrared output. The TOCA Layer is made from black tourmaline. Safety is important to Richway. The Biomat® is electrically certified in all of the countries we sell to. The Biomat® is licensed as a medical device for sale in Canada, United States, Japan and Korea.

Registered – All importers of medical devices are required to be registered on the FDA’s searchable database. Richway’s Biomat® is US FDA registered and fully compliant. We have staff, and employ consultants, to make sure we comply with FDA law. All our products are registered with the proper authorities in the countries in which we operate.

Non-Authentic or imitation pads do not have as strict quality and control as the Biomat®. Here are some areas to watch for:

  • Health & wellness professionals will NOT use imitation pads in their practice. Imitation pads are not built consistently and do not hold up over time.
  • If the manufacturer you are looking at is referencing studies found online then they have not done their own research. This means that they have no proof that their heating pads have the same effectiveness as the Biomat®. Importers of imitation mats are not involved in research and development. Some of them say they are from the USA but, in reality, the product is coming from China.
  • Many knockoffs are flimsy. Some are even designed in a hazardous two-sided fashion. This causes heat and negative ions to travel downward on the surface the pad is on. In imitation mats, many tops contain synthetic fabrics or mesh. These fabrics will wrinkle or snag because of their low tolerance to heat and poor quality. Some use stone discs which are glued and can fall off from the heat.
  • Be careful if you see a controller that looks dated and does not have clearly labelled buttons and settings. Many non-authentic timers will not have step-down temperature function which reduces the heat after a certain amount of time (i.e. you don’t want to have the far infrared pad on for 8 hours at the highest temperature, the Richway Biomat® reduces the heat down to 113F after 4 hours of being at a higher temperature), which can be unsafe.
  • An imitation mat may cost less, but what does that tell you? It could be that a wide of variety of inferior stones are used to cut down the cost. Synthetically produced or chemically treated stones may be used. The effectiveness is not the same – don’t be fooled. Even if the importer “certifies” their stones, the quality is not the same.
  • Most non-authentic devices will say they are certified; however, most are not licensed medical devices allowed to be sold in Canada, Australia and other countries. Needless to say, the companies of imitation products are not registered with the US FDA properly. They may be compliant but not registered.

I want to be sure you do your research thoroughly before investing in a Biomat®. I know I’ve done mine and I continue to review and monitor to be sure that Richway and the Original Biomat® are compliant in every aspect they say. If you are looking to invest in a Biomat®, and have a different brand in mind, make sure you review all the key points before making your investment in a quality product.

This video offers more information to be sure you are purchasing an authentic Richway Biomat®.

Through research, development and feedback from health professionals, Richway designed a wellness tool used by tens of thousands worldwide. The Biomat® continues to be the leader in far infrared and negative ion therapy.

If you have any questions about the original, authentic, Richway Biomat®, please contact us and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

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