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Become a Richway Distributor or Independent Sales Associate - ISA

First, I'd like to acknowledge you for being proactive about your health and doing research to determine if Richway's products may be a good fit for you.

As you are learning more and more, you may discover that you know of a lot of people who could benefit from knowing about and trying the various Richway products. They may be friends, family members, colleagues or clients. So you may be wondering, how you can become a representative for these products too.

Richway has a wonderful compensation program that includes:

  • Commissions
  • Product certificates (which can be used to purchase Richway Products)
  • Binary bonuses
  • Training bonuses
  • Automobile Allowance Program

I recommend that you learn all about Richway's Compensation Plan. Here's a great overview of the Richway Compensation Plan that you can review.

Richway has Independent Sales Associates (formerly known as Distributors) or ISA's.

You must register to become an ISA and be approved by Richway. There is a one-time fee of $80 to become an ISA, and you receive an information package to get started.

You must have someone Sponsor you - this person acts as your mentor and coach.

Here are the benefits of being mentored by Jennifer of Liv Healthy:

  1. You receive training on the products and the back-end systems for how to place your orders and how to maximize your bonuses
  2. You learn how to promote the BiomatTM and other Richway products in a manner that suit you and your business
  3. You have access to an international team of resources to help you grow your business.
  4. You have access to online materials to help you answer questions from your prospective clients
  5. You get easy to use systems to guide you every step of the way.
  6. You get access to a private discussion group with other distributors to share experiences and support each other

I'd be honoured to have you join my team!

One common question I receive is "If I become an Independent Sales Associate, can I get a discount on my order now?"

Unfortunately, you do not get discounts on Richway Products until you become a member of the Diamond Club (there are sales requirements and membership fees associated with this club).

However, you earn and can use Product Certificates towards the purchase products, where you pay a small portion of the cost and shipping (and if it is being shipped outside of the USA, then taxes and duty may also apply).

I'd be honoured to speak with you further about becoming an Independant Sales Associate and joining my team!