Using the Biomat®

1I have some health issues, how do I know if I can use the Biomat®. Are there any contraindications for using the Biomat®?

First, you should always consult with your doctor or health care practitioner before using any medical device. They can provide recommendations specific for you. In general, there are some health conditions where Richway recommends you do not use the Biomat®, or only on specific heat settings. Please refer to the Safety Precautions section for full details.

2Do I put the cotton pad on top of my bed and the Biomat® on top of it, or do I put the cotton pad on top of the Biomat®?

You put the cotton pad that comes with the Biomat® on top of the Biomat®, between your body and the Biomat®. This helps to absorb the sweat and keeps your Biomat® clean longer. You simply clean the cotton pad in the washing machine (or you can wash it by hand), and hang it on a clothes line to dry.

3What can I put the Biomat® on top of to use it? My bed? My massage table? My couch? My office chair? My recliner chair? My floor?

You can place the Biomat® on top of your bed, to easily use it every day. Most people chose to put it underneath their fitted sheet. If you have a memory foam mattress, you may consider adding a layer of natural fabric blanket (cotton or wool) between the back of the Biomat® and the mattress to protect your mattress from the heat of the Biomat®. Consult your mattress manufacturer’s for more specific instructions.

You can also use the Biomat® on the floor, a couch (although it may hang over the edge), a massage table, and the Mini Biomat® fits well on a recliner, an anti-gravity chair, office chair and kitchen chair.

4Can I use a mattress topper with the Biomat®?

Mattress toppers made from a natural material can be used with the Biomat®. Synthetic ones are not recommended, they block the benefits of the Biomat®. The mattress topper to use is the Quantum Energy Pad™ , as it has been designed to work synergistically with the Biomat®.

You can learn more in this video.

5What is the best setting to use the Biomat® on for the first time?

It is always best to start with the lowest settings and work your way up to higher temperatures. Consider staring with a 20 minute session on the lowest setting and then increase the temperature/duration/frequency. Also, please consult your health care provider for special instructions appropriate for your body.

6Can my kids use the Biomat®?

Yes, children can use the Biomat®. My kids love it.

Please consult with your child’s health care provider for specific instructions if your child has any health concerns, and consult the Safety Precaution page or more considerations before allowing your children to use the Biomat®.

7How often can I use the Biomat®?

Ideally, start with using the Biomat® once a day and pay attention to your body and work in consultation with your health care provider. You can increase the frequency if your body is ok with it and your health provider approves. Be sure to drink lots of water the more you use the Biomat® to stay hydrated. Filtered Alkaline water from the Alkal-Life 7000 sLTM is perfect!

8Can I use the Biomat® with other modalities or healing tools?

The Biomat® works well with many other healing modalities like Bowen, Massage Therapy, Rolfing, Reiki, Therapeutic Touch and more. The Biomat® works well in dental offices, spas for facials, pedicures, manicures, and pain management clinics. If you are a health care practitioner, you may also qualify for a Practitioner discount.

It can also be used in conjunction with Far Infrared Sauna domes and a Rife machine.

9When will I start to see results when using the Biomat®?

How soon you see results once you begin using the Biomat® will depend on your particular health issues.

Some people visit our booth at wellness shows and within 10-15 minutes feel relaxed and notice their pain subsides. For others it can take several weeks for the cumulative healing effects to be noticed. It is always best to work with your health care provider to determine a treatment plan appropriate for you.

10Can I take the Biomat on the airplane?

Yes. The Professional Biomat® and Mini Biomat® come with a sturdy hard shell travel case which you can drop off at the check-in counter when you arrive at the airport. Tip: I love to travel with my Mini Biomat® ! For shorter trips, I will pack a large suitcase and simply slip my Mini Biomat® in the larger suitcase with my clothes, so I only need to check-in one bag, making it easy to travel with my Biomat®.

11Does the Biomat® emit EMFs like an electric blanket?

Unlike an electric blanket which you buy at the drug store, pharmacy, chemist or department store, Richway’s Biomat® has many safety precautions to block the EMFs. These include: technology within the controller and several layers of material within the 17 layers that create the Biomat®.

The Biomat® exceeds the standards of testing from high quality EMF testing organizations like: the FCC in the United States, VED in Germany and CISPR which has world standards. You need to know that EVERY device that is plugged into an electrical outlet will emit some EMFs. The Biomat® test results were that the EMFs emitted were well below the safety levels, and lower than the levels from typical electrical devices.

You can read more about the EMF blocking precautions that Richway has implemented here in this article.

Product Questions

1What is the difference between a Far Infrared Sauna and a Biomat®?

Both products provide great health benefits. The main differences between a Far Infrared Sauna and a Biomat® comes down to:

  • Price
  • Space they take up
  • How you will use it
  • Ease of Installation
  • EMF protection
  • Technology: With the Far Infared Sauna, you are simply getting a Far Infrared treatment,. With a Biomat®, you are getting the benefits of 3 technologies: Far Infrared, Negative ions to counteract the positive ions we are surrounded with and gentle Amethyst crystals.

You can get a complete overview in this article:

2How long has the Biomat® been available on the market?

The Biomat® was created in 1997. In the beginning it was made with jade. The Biomat® uses technology that was originally patented by NASA in the 1960’s, which became part of the public domain in 1997. The Biomat® has evolved greatly since then, making new updates to improve it’s performance, keeping up to date with the latest research.

3What is the difference between the Mini Biomat® and the Professional or larger sized Biomat®s?

There are 5 main differences:

  • Size
  • Temperature range
  • Controller
  • Tumbled Crystals inside
  • How you use it., and thus where you get the most benefits (the parts of the body that are next to the Biomat®, will reap the greatest benefit. So the area in contact with the Biomat® is smaller with the Mini Biomat®, but it may be where you need to target).

You can find the complete details in this article and video:

4Which Biomat® is best for me?

Each person’s needs vary. Liv Healthy has created a Biomat® Size Guide to help you determine which Biomat® will best meet your needs. Download your Biomat® Size Guide to review the top questions to ask purchase the best model for your needs to save you money.

5I have 220V electricity, are the Richway products, like the Biomat® and Alkal-LifeTM available in 220V?

Yes, Richway does make most of it’s products in 220V and 120V to meet the needs of people around the world looking for quality health products. The exception at this time is the Orgone Biomat®. The 220V version is due to be released in 2018.

For the 220V models, you may require an adapter to plug the product into your electrical outlet.

Please be sure to order the correct voltage model for your needs.

6Where are the Biomat®s made?

Biomat®s are manufactured in South Korea. They are made by hand, with each row of crystals being filled with great care.

They are shipped from the USA, The Netherlands, South Korea, China, or Australia, depending on the final destination.

7Can I use any oils with the Rejuvena™ Facial system or just the Pure C Serum?

The Pure C Serum works best with the Rejuvena™ system. You can try to use other oils, however, do take care. Some essential oils can damage your delicate skin. And other oils will produce varied results. You will need to consult with an expert on the properties and qualities of different oils to select a safe alternative.

8Do I need a plumber to install my Alkal-Life™ water system?

No, there are two methods of installing the Alkal-Life™ water system. The easiest method is to simply attach it to your existing faucet. This can be done in a few minutes. The other method requires accessing the pipes under your sink, and for that you may require a plumber.


1I’m not in Canada or US, do you Ship Internationally? And if yes, how much is shipping?

You will need a shipping quote, specific for you. Please contact Liv Healthy with:

  • your complete address including postal code
  • the item(s) you are considering ordering
2How long does it take to receive my order?

For in-stock items the following shipping policies apply:

Note: all items require a signature upon delivery, unless otherwise requested when order is placed.

United States:
Orders are shipped via UPS

Domestic US:
Ground shipping: up to 7-14 business days of credit card settlement
Expedited: up to 3-5 business days of credit card settlement
Please contact Liv Healthy for a shipping quote.
All orders are subject to a 4.712% general excise tax. Orders are shipped within 48 hours of credit card settlement.
Oahu store pick-up: orders for in-stock items are usually available for pick up within the same day of credit card settlement excluding weekends and holidays.

Orders are shipped within 48 hours of credit card settlement. Typical delivery is within 7-14 business days, more if there are customs delays.

Orders are shipped expedited through UPS from Illinois, USA.

Orders are shipped via UPS from Illinois, USA.

Orders are shipped within 48 hours of credit card settlement. Typical delivery is within 14-21 business days, more if there are customs delays.

Note: Alkal-Life 7000sL, Detoxi Salt, and Bio-Belt are not available to ship to China.

Contact LivHealthy for quote. Orders are shipped within 7-14 business days after credit card settlement (not including holidays in China or US).

Select items are available for shipping from the new distribution centre in Brisbane. These items are sent via Australia Post/IPEC. Orders are typically delivered 7-14 business days after credit card settlement.

All other items are shipped from Korea, via EMX/Australia Post. Orders are typically shipped within one week of credit card settlement, and will arrive between 7-14 business days after credit card settlement, longer if there are customs delays.

Destinations outside of Canada, Australia, China and Europe:
Orders are typically sent via UPS Worldwide Expedited within 48 hours of credit card charge settlement. Orders are usually delivered with 14-21 business days, if there are not any customs delays.

3Will I have to pay customs or duty on my order?

In Canada, you will pay your provincial sales tax and a $10 brokerage fee. Duty will also apply for items other than the Amethyst Biomat. Duty rates will vary based on the item ordered. Contact the Canada Border Services Agency for more information.

Richway’s shipping costs, do not include: VAT, customs, duty, import fees, or any other additional pick-up/delivery fees. These fees are the responsibility of the recipient and are due upon delivery. Check with your country’s customs agency for details.

For most items shipped in China, the shipping price quoted includes all import fees like customs/duty tax. However, for smaller packages, like Biomat® Accessories, the recipient is responsible for taxes, duty, customs or any other import fees.

Selected items are shipped from the Brisbane , Australia distribution centre. These items are not subject to tax, customs or additional import fees.

For items not shipped from the Australia distribution centre, the order is shipped from South Korea and subject to customs, duty tax, VAT, import fees and brokerage fees. These fees are due upon receipt of your order. Check with your country’s customs agency for details.

Countries outside of Canada, Europe, China and Australia:
Duty, taxes and fees vary by country and may apply. The Biomat® and the Alkal-Life 7000 sL water system are considered medical devices and in some countries are exempt from duty. Contact your country’s customs department for more information.

Placing an order

1If someone is selling a Biomat® less than you, can you match the price?

The pricing for all of Richway products is set my Richway International. Liv Healthy is unable to provide any other pricing, otherwise, our distributorship can be discontinued. I cannot offer free shipping or any other discount unless it is authorized by Richway. If someone is selling you a Biomat® at a lower price, beware. They are not selling you a new full warrantied product. It is either used or in new condition with no warranty. Be sure to ask questions of the seller and make sure they are being honest about the product you are receiving. If you feel unsure or uncomfortable, you can contact Richway’s main office in Hawaii to confirm if what the seller is saying is true.

2How do I place an order?

For orders within North America, you can use Liv Healthy’s secure online order form.

For orders outside of North America, please contact Liv Healthy for assistance. *** be sure to order the correct model for your use. Do you need 120V or 220V?

3What payment methods do you accept?

Orders within Canada/US:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discovery Card
  • Money Order
  • US$ check/cheque
  • Bank Wire Transfer

Orders in Europe:
Payment in Euros:

  • Through Paypal (can be linked to your credit card or bank account)
  • Internet Banking Transfer

Payment in US$

  • Some credit cards
  • Bank Wire transfer (note bank fees apply)

Orders outside of Europe and North America:
Payment in US$

  • Some International credit cards
  • Bank Wire transfer (note bank fees apply)
4What is the Professional Biomat® with License? What is the Health Professional Discount?

A $100 or 90 Euro discount is available for:
Health Care Practitioners (worldwide)
First Responders (worldwide)
Veterans (US only)

You can find out more about whether you may qualify and how to apply for the discount by reviewing the Discount page.

Becoming a Distributor/Independent Sales Associate

1Can I save money or get discounts on my order if I become a Distributor first?

When you become an Independent Sales Associate-ISA (also known as a Distributor), you begin at the Independent level until you purchase $1,500 worth of products. After you have made this amount of purchase, you can earn higher level commissions, more product certificates and Binary Bonuses based on your sales, and any new ISA’s that join with you as a sponsor, or that are placed under you.

The person who sponsors you as an ISA will make the commission on your initial order. So no you will not get any discounts or deals on your initial order, but you will earn more in the long run by making your purchase up front.

You can learn more about becoming a distributor and the complete compensation package here.

2Do I have to buy a Biomat® to become a Distributor?

No, anyone can become a Distributor and gain access to the Independent Sales Associate resources by applying to be an Independent Sales Associate through Richway. There is an $80 US fee, that you pay once. This allows you to become an Independent Sales Associate.

In order to advance to higher levels of commissions and benefits, you need to invest $1,500 US in Richway products. This helps you to gain first hand product knowledge and thus answer client questions more thoroughly.

You can learn more about becoming a distributor and the complete compensation package here.

3Do I have to buy a distributor package to become a distributor?

Yes, there is a low, one time fee of $80 US

Warranty and Repair

1Is there a warranty with the Richway products?

Richway makes high quality, durable products. Richway offers a comprehensive 3 year limited warranty and repair plan.
Details of what is covered for each product is outlined in the the warranty and repair links above.

Plus, if you decide to upgrade to a newer model, to benefit from the latest technology, you can receive 30% trade-in credit on your original purchase! You can find out more here.

2What happens if my product stops working?

Oftentimes, Richway is able to troubleshoot the product issues over the phone and no repair is required. In the event that your product stops working properly, Richway will fix it promptly either under the warranty, or as outlined in the repair policy.