BioAmethyst Cushion

Soft, soothing, portable and comfortable, the BioAmethyst Cushion is the latest addition to the Richway family. It's easy to use! Just slip it on top of your car seat, making long car rides more comfortable, use it on your favourite chair, while you meditate, to sit on while you attend a class or workshop, on your office chair, or you may even choose to share it with your favourite pet.

Sitting has become a big part of our normal day to day routine. The BioAmethyst Cushion provides extra support and a a little extra of energy plus an added infusion of beneficial infrared rays!

The BioAmethyst Cushion incorporates some of the best features of Richway's popular Amethyst Biomat and the Quantum Energy Pad in a NON-heated (no electricity is required), low cost option, and a smaller, more portable size (making it so convenient to travel with!).

  • 17 rows of amethyst
  • Peach and grape seed extracts
  • Natural infrared rays
  • Energy Boost
  • Portable: 18 x 18 x 2.5
  • Lightweight: 4.4lb

The BioAmethyst Cushion is lined with 17 rows of amethyst crystals for natural infrared rays and energy infusion.

The outer layer is so beautifully soft (softer than the softest stuffed toy you would give to a baby), plus it's easy to clean and impervious to dust mites. This cozy cushion blends comfort with the benefits of natural far infrared rays, providing an extra boost!

  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Washable
  • Ultra soft microfiber cover
  • Moisture resistant
  • Non heated
  • Non electrical
  • Impervious to dust mites

Simple to care for and wash, lightweight and portable enough to grab and take with you just about anywhere!

It makes a super comfortable gift for someone who has just about everything!

$350 US