What size of Biomat® is right for me?

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What size of Biomat® is right for me?

The Biomat® comes in five different sizes, and you may be wondering, what size of Biomat® is right for me?

Here is a quick overview of the sizes of the different models of Biomat® (prices do not include shipping, taxes or duty):

Mini Biomat®: 17” x 33”   $670 US

Professional Biomat®: 39” x 75” (the size of a massage table) $1,695 (or $1,595 with practitioner discount)

Single Biomat®: 39” x 77”   $2,600

Queen Biomat®: 55” x 77” $3,500

King Biomat®: 72” x 77”   $4,000

Here are some questions to ask yourself to help you decide:

  1. When will you be using the Biomat®?

Will you be using your Biomat® during the day or to sleep on at night or both?  If you are going to use it during the day and not at night, you may consider the Single, Professional or Mini Biomat® and having it set-up in an area other than on your bed in your bedroom.  The Mini Biomat® is very portable and you can place it on any chair.

If you are going to sleep on it at night, you may consider getting a Biomat® the same size as your bed.  If someone sleeps in the same bed as you, then take into consideration if they also want the benefits of the Biomat®.  The Queen and King Size models allow you to adjust the temperature settings for each side of the bed.  You can also consider a model of Biomat® that is smaller than the size of your bed.  The Professional Biomat® works well, and I even started out using my Mini Biomat® (I’m short – this would be good for someone maybe 5ft 6 and shorter) on my bed.

  1. Will you be using it at home, at work, or when you travel?

If you are going to travel with the Biomat®, I would definitely recommend the Professional Biomat® or the Mini Biomat®, as they come with their own carrying case and are more portable.

If you are going to be using the Biomat® personally at work (i.e. not as a practitioner) I would suggest the Mini Biomat® if you sit at work a lot – you can get the warm infrared rays and relaxing, uplifting negative ions while you are doing your job – isn’t that great?  You can get a healing treatment while you work!  If you have some place where you can lie down at work, you may consider a Mini Biomat® to fit on a couch, or if there is a meditation room, nap room, yoga room or nurse station with a bed at your work, then I’d recommend the Professional Biomat®.

If you are a Practitioner, then I’d recommend the Mini Biomat® for your waiting room and the Professional Biomat® for your treatment room.  When you order your Professional Biomat®, be sure to select the option with the Practitioner discount ($100) savings. You will also need to submit a copy of your practitioner certification with your order (you can submit that by email)

If you’re only using the Biomat® at home, then the answers to question 1 apply.  Here’s some additional information about the Biomat® for Personal Use.

  1. How will you be using the Biomat®?

Will you be using the Biomat® for whole body therapy or targeting a particular area.  For whole body therapy, I’d recommend the Professional Size or larger.  If you are targeting a particular area, then you could simply use the Mini Biomat®.  Some people who want to be surrounded by the Far Infrared Therapy choose to order a large Biomat® (Professional or larger) and a MiniBiomat® that they place on top of them during a session.

  1. What is your budget? 

The price range for the Biomat® is $670 US – $4,000 US (plus shipping and handling and potentially duty and taxes for orders outside of United States).  It’s an important investment in your health.  You’ll need to make sure that you choose the Biomat® that fits your budget.

I’d be honoured to answer any questions you may have about the Biomat®, feel free to contact me. If you are ready to place your order, you can order from my secure online order form.

I have developed a series of questions to help you determine the best size of Biomat® for you.  Download the free Biomat® Size Guide below for complete product information and to easily and quickly determine what size of Biomat® is best for you!

Biomat Size Guide

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