Can I use the Biomat® after surgery

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Can I use the Biomat® after surgery

Mini BIomat wrapped around knee

A question that has come up with my customers and potential customers is:

Can I use my Biomat® after my surgery?

Consult your doctor or healthcare provider for an exact response for your particular situation.  Using the Biomat® without heat may be ok for you, and definitely get your doctor’s approval to use the Biomat® with heat before you try it.

You may be thinking “well, the lowest temperature is 95F and that’s below body temperature, so that should be ok…”  It is still recommended that you check in with your healthcare provider to get confirmation.  They know about the body and your particular situation.  They will be able to give you an idea of when you can use heat and also suggest how long and how high of a temperature.  If you use heat too soon, you may slow your recovery process.

And there are some types of surgery where you will NOT be able to use the Biomat® afterwards.

Please check the Safety Precautions page for more information.

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