120V and 220V Orgone Biomat® Availability

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July 1, 2017
Biomat available in Australia shipping from Brisbane
New Richway Biomat® Distribution Centre in Brisbane Australia
July 7, 2017

120V and 220V Orgone Biomat® Availability

Orgone Biomat

There is a lot of buzz around the world about the new Orgone Biomat®.  People are excited to have affordable access to a Biomat® that fits their Queen and King Size bed.  And my international clients want to know when will the 220V Orgone Biomat® be available?

At this time, the Orgone Biomat® is only available in 120 V.

 If you would like to use it in a country that uses 220V electricity, you would need to either wait or purchase a power converter than can switch the electrical current from your wall from 220V down to 120V for the Orgone Bio mat.

You CANNOT simply use an adapter for the plug to fit into the wall. You see, the components in the Biomat® and the controller are ones that will conduct 120V of electricity.  Put quite simply, the 220V electricity from your wall will damage the Orgone Bio mat®.

At this time, Richway is estimating the 220V Orgone Biomat® will be available early in 2018.  

Some may feel that is a long time to wait, but for a high quality product, it is what is required to develop and test that the new version of Orgone Biomat® functions properly and meets Richway’s high standards.

The Orgone Biomat was first released in the fall of 2016. Richway wanted to provide a more lightweight and affordable version of their popular Amethyst Biomat. It has similar features as the original Biomat: far infrared heat with a temperature range of 95 F to 158 F or 35 C – 70 C, and gives off negative ions, creating a soothing, warm sleep environment.

It is perfect for people who live in cold climates who would like to have a warm night’s sleep, without turning up the heat in the whole house.

Other exciting news is that Richway intends to release a Single model of Orgone Biomat® to fit a single size bed. The date for that release has not yet been announced.

You can contact me, or check back here to get an update.

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