Independent Research of the Richway Biomat

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Independent Research of the Richway Biomat

Several independent studies have been conducted using the Richway Amethyst Biomat®. Below are the studies that provide findings that are in accordance with the FDA regulations. The other studies concluded results that Richway has not received permission to make a claim for in keeping with the FDA compliance. Unfortunately, we are not able to share this information with you here.

I had the opportunity to speak with Dr. George Grant, who conducted the study findings which are listed below.

Dr. Grant is very passionate about wellness. The changes he witnessed in his research and in his practice, using the Biomat® with his patients is absolutely incredible.

“Far infrared ray emitting Biomat increases blood circulation and oxygen supply to damaged tissues (aiding reduction of joint and muscle pain or sports injuries), promotes relaxation and comfort, induces sleep and relieves as shown in this case study.”
Dr. George Grant

Measuring Stress Reduction Using Far Infrared Medical Device
Dr. George Grant, Ph.D, I.M.D., M.Sc., M.Ed., C.CHEM., R.M.
Toronto, Canada
March 2nd, 2011

Article Featured in – Measuring Stress Reduction using the InfraRed Negative Ions Amethyst BioMat


The article provides a summary of Dr. Grant’s study where participants were tested before and after using the Biomat® for an hour daily over 2 months. Test methods include using ICAP Brain Scan, HRV Heart scan and Bio resonance Magnetic analyzer. The results were reduction in stress by 78% among subjects tested and an increased sense of well being.

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Evaluating Thermotherapy Using the Amethyst Bio-beltTM and the Infrared Negative Ion Amethyst Biomat®
Dr. George Grant, Ph.D, I.M.D., M.Sc., M.Ed., C.CHEM., R.M.
Toronto, Canada
November 12, 2013

Dr. George Grant discusses the results of a 3 month study conducted using the Richway Bio-beltTM and Richway Amethyst Biomat® to reduce pain and stress in 12 patients. The study results appear in Prime, International Journal of Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine

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