Should I buy A Far Infrared Sauna or a Far Infrared Heating Pad like the Biomat®

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Should I buy A Far Infrared Sauna or a Far Infrared Heating Pad like the Biomat®

comparing Far Infrared Sauna and Infrared Heating pad

I see a lot of buzz at wellness shows when people see these beautiful Far Infrared Saunas. What a wonderful oasis to relax and nurture yourself and heal in. Even Dr. Oz talks about the many benefits of Far Infrared Rays on Oprah.

There are some questions you should consider before investing in a Far Infrared Sauna, or at least know what your options are. The Richway Amethyst Biomat® which has Far Infrared Rays, plus emits beneficial negative ions is a wonderful, cheaper alternative, without compromising quality.

Questions to consider:

1. How much can I afford to spend?
2. How much space will this take up in my home?
3. How much to install this?
4. How easy is it for me to use?
5. Can I take it with me if I move?
6. Do I need to be concerned about EMF’s?
7. How often will I really use it?

Here are the responses to those questions for the Infrared Sauna and for Richway’s Amethyst Biomat®:

Infrared Sauna:
1. Prices range from about $1,500 – $2,500 + for a 2 person- 6 person sauna, plus shipping.

2. Space Depends on the model of the sauna ie.. how many people can fit in it and the manufacturer. An example of a small 2 person sauna dimensions are 48″ (W) x 42″ (D) x 75″ (H) and a 3-4 person sauna is about 60″(W) x 42″(D) x 75 “(H).

3. Ease of Installation You need to assemble the sauna, and you may need an electrician to hook it up.

4. Ease of Use Far Infrared Saunas are easy to use. Just preheat it, wear light or little clothes, go in and sit down.

5. Easy to Move? A model that doesn’t require an electrician would be easy to move (if you have the space in your next home). You will of course have to disassemble it and keep all of the parts.

6. EMF Concerns Some saunas do give off EMF’s. There are some models that boast low EMF’s.

7. How often will I use it? How frequently you use it depends on whether or not you perceive going to the room where you have it, and taking the time to sit on it as “work” or a treat 🙂

Here’s the same information for the Far infrared Biomat:

1. Prices The Richway Amethyst Biomat® begins at $670 US for Mini Biomat® (in 2018) up to $4,000 for a Biomat® that fits on a King Size Bed+ shipping and handling. They can be delivered anywhere in the world. Duty, taxes and brokerage fees may apply. The most popular sizes of Biomat® are the Mini Biomat® and the Professional Sized Biomat® ($1,695). The new Orgone Biomat® is currently available in Queen or King size and are $1,580 (Queen) and $2,080 (King) US.

2. Space The amount of space the Biomat® takes up depends on the product. The Mini Biomat® is 17″ x 33″ and just over 1 ” thick. It sits easily on a chair, can be used while sitting on a couch, or you can lay down on it (best for short people, 5ft6 and shorter though). The professional sized bioMatt is 28″ x 75″ and fits perfectly on a massage table. You can also use it on a bed, or on the floor. The single, queen and king size Biomat®s are designed to fi on those sizes of beds. They can also be used on the floor.

3. Ease of Installation There is no cost to install a Biomat®. You simply unpack it when it arrives, lay it down, plug it in, and it’s ready for you to use.

4. Ease of Use The Biomat® is really easy to use. It comes with several heat settings ranging from 95 F- 158 F and a timer- so you can set the time for 2 hours, 4 hours, 8 hours or 12 hours. Then the BIoMat turns off automatically. I created a video about how to use the MiniMat and exactly how it looks when it comes out of the box.

5. Easy to Move? The Biomat® is very portable. The Mini Biomat® and Professional size Biomat® even come with convenient carrying cases. You can definitely take the Biomat® with you when you move. And you could even travel with the mini Biomat® or the Professional Sized Biomat®.

6. EMF Concerns Richway has taken steps when developing the Biomat to filter out as many EMFs as possible. Anything that is plugged in will have some EMFs, it is simply unavoidable. Richway has functions in the control box to reduce the EMFs and layers of material in the Biomat itself to filter out EMFs. There is also a transformer inside of the control box that converts the electrical current from AC to DC current, which is more in harmony with the human body.

7. How often will I use it? The Biomat® is very versatile, you will use it a lot! Many people use the Biomat® on their bed, so they can use it every night. The Mini Biomat® fits on a chair, so you can easily use it while sitting at a desk, watching TV or reading a book. Short people can also comfortably use the Mini Biomat® on their bed.

Another factor to consider is that the Biomat® has the added benefits of emitting negative ions. Plus if you find it difficult to sit in a Far Infrared Sauna because your head gets too hot, you may find that being able to keep your head cool on a pillow on the Biomat® is just what you need, allowing you to get the Far infared benefits without getting overheated.

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