5 Differences between the Professional Biomat® and the Mini Bio Mat

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5 Differences between the Professional Biomat® and the Mini Bio Mat

5 differences between Pro Biomat and Mini BIomat

As you are deciding which Biomat® may be best for you, you will begin to compare different models of the Biomat®.  A question that may come up is “what is the difference between the Professional Biomat® and the Mini Bio Mat?”  There are 5 main differences which are outlined in this video:</a>, or enable JavaScript if it is disabled in your browser.</div></div>

  1. Size:  The Mini Biomat® is 17” x 33” and the Professional Biomat® is 28” x 75”
  2. Controller: The Controller for the Mini Biomat® is much smaller than the Professional Biomat®.  It’s easier to find a space on your bedside table for the smaller Mini Biomat® controller.  There is also an additional button on the side of the Professional Biomat® controller.  Other than that, both controllers have the same technology inside.  Both controllers create Negative Ions, produce Far Infrared Rays and block EMF rays.
  3. Heat Settings: There is one additional low temperature setting on the Professional Biomat®.  The Mini Biomat® heat settings range from 104F to 158F.  The Professional Biomat®’s heat settings range from 95F to 158F.
  4. Crystals:  The Mini Biomat® has both black tourmaline and amethyst crystal stones in the ridges of the Biomat®.  The Professional Bio Mat (and larger) has just amethyst crystal stones in the ridges of the Biomat®.  Although the Professional Biomat® doesn’t have tourmaline stones in it, it still has the benefits of tourmaline in the TOCA Layer- the Tourmaline Catch Layer is one of the 17 layers of materials of the Biomat®
  5. How You Use It: You can use Professional Biomat® on a bed, a massage table, on the floor, or if you have a really long and deep couch, you could use it on your couch.  The Mini Biomat® is typically used on a chair, behind your back and under your thighs.  You can also use it like a giant heating pad, wrapping it around an injured part of your body, like a leg.  If you are short (5 ft 6” and under), you can also sleep on it.

I encourage you to download the free Biomat® Size Guide below.  It takes you through the key questions to ask yourself which will help you quickly identify what size is best for you.  Plus, it provides a complete overview of the different models.

If you have any questions about the Biomat® feel free to contact me.  Or if you are ready to order your Biomat® you can place your order on my online order form, or call me if you prefer to place your order by phone.


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