Richway Biomat Summer Sale July 5- September 19 2020

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February 17, 2020
Richway Biomat Winter Bundle Up Sale November 23rd 2020 – January 23rd 2021
November 22, 2020

Richway Biomat Summer Sale July 5- September 19 2020

Richway Summer Sale 2020

Richway is delighted to announce their summer sale for 2020.  There are wonderful opportunities to amazing Richway accessories and products for free! Richway’s Sale runs from July 5-September 19, 2020*.

Your bonus will vary based on your total purchase amount.  You can purchase any combination of items, that meets your needs.  Whether you want an AlkalLife 7000sL water filtration system or a Mini BioMat, Professional Biomat and Amethyst Pillow, the choice is yours:

More than $1000 SV

Alpha Max 3.5

Free Alpha Max 3.5 (2 Bottle Pack)* – US ONLY

This intensive serum combats dry skin, wrinkles, elasticity, loss of volume, and reduce the appearance of age spots and uneven skin tone due to aging. AlphaMaxSerum 3.5 nourishes the skin while maintaining a smooth and youthful texture. Contains the highest quality ingredients, with no artificial colors, fragrance, parabens, or harsh additives that can be harmful to your skin.

More than $2000 SV

Richway Aroma Stand
Biomat Aroma Stand

Free Biomat Aroma Stand*

This sturdy stand not only holds your Biomat controller at a convenient height, but it also diffuses essential oils. Creates a scent-national relaxing environment while you relax on your Biomat. Comes with soothing lavender oil.

More than $3000 SV

BioAmethyst Cushion

Free BioAmethyst Cushion*

The soft BioAmethyst Cushion adds a layer of comfort wherever you sit, while providing the relaxing amethyst energy. Bring it to the arena, use it on long car rides, or outside on your favourite patio chair.

More than $4000 SV


Free Bio-belt (regular or XL)*

The Bio-belt unique wrap-around belt allows you to firmly apply it to an achy part of you, perfect for your lower back!

To order:

Contact us!

Richway Summer Sale 2019 runs from June 30th-July 27th, 2019 (some orders need be placed by September 18th to qualify).

*Shipping, duty, taxes and customs fees apply for free items.

Note:  Customers who have reached the specified Sales Volume target on a single order, will receive a coupon to redeem a promotional item from the list of eligible items two (2) weeks after the week ending purchase date.  Sales Volume refers to the the value of the product that is deemed by Richway to contribute to the Sales Volume, separate from the value of shipping. If the customer has not provided an email, the coupon will be mailed to the customer’s address. All promotional items will be shipped and boxed separately. Shipping & Handling charges apply for all free items. See 2020 Sizzling Summer Promo FAQ for more information. Biomats® purchased using the $100 discount (conditions apply) offer will still be eligible to count towards the 2020 Sizzling Summer Promo. Orders using Product Certificates are not eligible for counting towards redeeming the free promotional item(s).


  1. lynn mace says:

    I was given your name from Rich way. I have already purchased a Biomat many years ago. I would like to purchase a bio belt at am wondering if there are any sales going on right now for that

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