Richway Biomat Black Friday & Holiday Sale
November 7 – December 11, 2021

Richway Biomat Sizzling Summer Sale – June 20, 2021 to September 4, 2021
June 23, 2021

Richway Biomat Black Friday & Holiday Sale
November 7 – December 11, 2021


Richway has announced their Black Friday & Holiday Promotions for 2021.  This is the perfect Biomat Black Friday sale!

The bonuses for this promotion, as always, are amazing! There are wonderful opportunities to receive high quality Richway accessories and products for free! Don’t delay, the sale ends December 11, 2021*.

Your bonus will vary based on your total purchase amount.  You choose the perfect combination of items to purchase that meets your needs.  Maybe it’s a Mini BioMat, or the AlkalLife 7000sL water filtration system or a complete set of a Germanium Power Pad, Professional Biomat and Amethyst Pillow, the choice is yours – there are bonuses with purchases over $700.

Two weeks after placing your order, you will receive a certificate to redeem to receive the desire option for your bonus level.  Note:  Shipping, duty and applicable taxes will apply.


$700 or more – Receive one of these items FREE:



$1,500 or more – Choose 1 Option:



$2,000 or more – Choose 1 Option:



$3,000 or more – Choose 1 Option:



$4,000 or more – Choose 1 Option:

NMN Octa 3000™ (6 bottles)*
Bamboo Silk Comforter Queen
Germanium Pad Queen + NMN Octa 3000™ (3 bottles)
Germanium Pad King + NMN Octa 3000™ (3 bottles)
Amethyst Pillow + NMN Octa 3000™ (3 bottles)


*Detoxi™ and NMN Octa 3000™ is only available within the US. Customers outside of the US that select NMN Octa 3000™  will receive a Product Certificate of equal retail value.

To order:

Order here or Contact us!

Richway’s Black Friday and Holiday Promo runs from November 7, 2021 – December 11, 2021. (some orders need be placed by December 10th to qualify).

*Shipping, duty, taxes and customs fees apply for free items.

Note:  Customers who have reached the specified Sales Volume target on a single order, will receive a coupon to redeem a promotional item from the list of eligible items two (2) weeks after the week ending purchase date. If the customer has not provided an email, the coupon will be mailed to the customer’s address. All promotional items will be shipped and boxed separately. Shipping & Handling charges apply for all free items. See 2021 Black Friday & Holiday Flyer for more information. Biomats® purchased using the $100 discount (conditions apply) offer will still be eligible to count towards the 2021 Black Friday & Holiday Promo. Orders using Product Certificates are not eligible for counting towards redeeming the free promotional item(s).



  1. Michelle Shortencarrier says:

    Can you sleep on the mini biomat? Do you ship to Virginia, USA?

    • Jennifer Lyall says:

      Hi Michelle!

      Yes, you can sleep on the Mini BIomat, although I would recommend that you begin using it for a shorter period of time first, just to let your body get used to it. The first Biomat I got was a Mini BIomat and I slept on it – it would go from my shoulders to the top of my hips – I’m 5’5. If you’re tall, you may find that the edge of the Biomat would sit in a funny place and feel uncomfortable.

      And yes, we ship to Virginia USA. Our main distribution centre is just outside of Chicago.

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