How Can I Pay for My Richway Amethyst Biomat® Order?

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How Can I Pay for My Richway Amethyst Biomat® Order?

Payment methods

As you research the Richway Biomat®, and you’ve decided that you would like to order a Biomat®, Quantum Energy Pad, extra cover, Detoxi Salt or Alkalife Water System, you may wonder “How can I pay for my Richway Aemthsyt Biomat® order?

You have several payment options for purchasing your Richway Amethyst Biomat®:

Credit Card: 

Master Card, Visa, Discovery and American Express are accepted by Richway International.  If you are in Canada or the USA and want to pay for your order by credit card, you can order:

◦     online using Liv Healthy’s secure online order form

◦     by contacting Jennifer Lyall via the contact form on this website or phone at 905-315-1619 or 1-800-595-1619 (toll free for North America only) to provide your credit card information over the phone

Internationally, you will need to contact Jennifer to place your order.

Wire transfer:

This option works well for International orders.  Jennifer can provide you with the instructions for placing your order to pay via Wire Transfer.  Please note that your bank will charge a fee for this service.

Cheque/ Check

You can pay Richway International by cheque if you have a US based bank account.  To pay by cheque, contact Jennifer to complete an order form which she will submit on your behalf, and provide you with a copy of the form to enclose with your cheque.  Your order will be processed once Richway receives your cheque.  This means that there will be an additional delay of the time it takes for your cheque to get to Richway’s head office in Hawaii before your order can be processed.

You can consider sending your cheque by courier to expedite the process.

Money Order:

This option also works well for international orders.  Again, you will need to co-ordinate your order with Jennifer.  She will provide you with the necessary paperwork to submit with your money order.  Your order will be processed once it has been received.  I recommend that you track your envelope, or consider sending it by courier to expedite the process and ensure the envelope arrives safely.


Some Canadian and US Bank Debit Cards can also be processed through the online ordering system.  If your card is affiliated with a credit card company where you can use it in the same manner as a credit card online, you can process your Richway Bio Mat order using a debit card.  Ask your financial institution if you can use your debit card in this manner.  If yes, you can order online through Liv Healthy’s secure online order form.


Orders in European countries can be paid in Euros through PayPal.  This option is NOT available in North America or other countries.  Please contact us for more information on how to process your order using Paypal.

As you can see, there are several convenient ways that you can pay for your Biomat® order.  Please contact Jennifer if you have any further questions.

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