Richway Biomat Summer Sale June 30-July 27 2019

Richway Spring Sale 2019
Richway Spring Sale March 31- April 27 2019
April 8, 2019
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Richway Biomat Summer Sale June 30-July 27 2019

Richway Biomat Summer Sale July 2019

Richway is delighted to announce their summer sale for 2019.  There are wonderful opportunities to save money and get free Biomat accessories!  Richway’s Sale runs from June 30-July 27th, 2019*.  You’ll find special deals on the Professional, Single, Queen, King and Mini Biomat.  No coupon codes required to get these offers.

Bonuses for Professional, Single, Queen and King Biomats:

Buy a Professional Biomat:

Receive an Aroma Stand Free* plus a coupon for $25 off a Professional Waterproof cover (an essential Biomat accessory)!!

Buy a Single Biomat:

 Receive an Aroma Stand Free*

Buy a Single, Queen or King Biomat + Quantum Energy Pad of the same size:
Receive an Aroma Stand Free* + Amethyst Pillow Free*

Save $220 When you purchase a Mini Biomat and Biobelt together:

This powerful combination has never been offered for sale like this before!

(Note, this offer is not available in Canada)

Save $20 AlkalLife 7000sL Cleaning filter and Replacement filter together:

If you have Richway’s amazing AlkalLife 7000sL Ionizing and Alkalizing Water filtration system, then you want to take advantage of this opportunity.  Richway recommends that you use the cleaning filter before replacing the standard filter.

(Note: not available in China)

To order:

Contact us!

Richway Biomat Summer Sale 2019

Richway Summer Sale 2019 runs from June 30th-July 27th, 2019 (some orders need be placed by July 25th to qualify).

*Shipping, duty, taxes and customs fees apply for free items.

Learn more about the sale now!

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