2018 Sizzling Summer Sale Richway Amethyst Biomat and Orgone Biomat

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2018 Sizzling Summer Sale Richway Amethyst Biomat and Orgone Biomat

2018 Biomat Summer sale

Ah… the joys of summer!  Beautiful weather, sunshine and Richway’s 2018 Summer Sale!  This year’s sale is really unique!  With every purchase of a Richway Amethyst Biomat® (Professional size or larger), or Orgone Biomat® (Queen or King), you will receive Richway’s convenient Aroma Stand™ for free*.

The Aroma Stand™ is 32″ tall and not only will it free up valuable space on your nightstand by supporting your Biomat® controller, but it is also a diffuser, allowing you to effortlessly diffuse your favourite essential oils.  Every Aroma Stand™ comes with a bottle of Lavender oil free!

Just place the Aroma Stand™ next to your bed, and place the Biomat® controller top;  set the controller to your preferred temperature and desired length of time for the heat to be on (I like the lowest setting for 2 hours) and drift off to sleep, surrounded by your favourite soothing scent.

How to order:

Simply place your order of the specified products:

  • Professional Amethyst Biomat®
  • Single Amethyst Biomat®
  • Queen Amethyst Biomat®
  • Kind Amethyst Biomat®
  • Queen Orgone Biomat®
  • King Orgone Biomat®

through our secure shopping cart between July 1 – 28th, 2018 and you automatically qualify for the special promotion.

Questions?  Feel free to contact us at 1-800-595-1619 (Toll Free in North America) or ++905-315-1619 (located in Canada) or through our Contact us page.  We’ll be delighted to answer any of your questions!

Offer is available July 1-28, 2018

*Note: Shipping charges apply for the Aroma Stand™.  It will be shipped to the order applicant.

2018 Sale Richway Biomat Aroma Stand Sizzling Summer Sale

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