Does the Biomat Emit EMFs

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Does the Biomat Emit EMFs

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More and more people are become aware of their environment and the impact it has on their health. Some people have been sick for years with no answers from their doctors.  It is with their own research and through trial and error that they discover that they are being impacted by Electromagnetic Fields (EMF’s).  When you are trying to regain your health, the last thing you want to do is to undermine any of your health investment (time, money and your physical body) by choosing medical devices that do good, but also emit high levels of EMF’s.  Richway, the company that makes the Far Infrared Amethyst Biomat is aware of this concern and has taken great measures to protect Biomat users from harmful EMF rays.

Electromagnetic Fields is a term used to describe the invisible electric and magnetic fields radiating out from man-made devices that use alternating electrical current.  EMFs are emitted from all electrical appliances in the home, office, factories, in cars, trucks, buses and overhead streetcar and train lines.  Readings for EMFs will vary by location as each city has different qualities of electricity, thus impacting the readings people get.

Here is a summary of what Richway has incorporated into the Biomat construction (both the Orgone Biomat and Amethyst Biomat) to protect users from EMF’s:

  • Biomat EMF Interceptor. The Biomat EMF Interceptor is within the control unit of the Biomat.  The controller has the most advanced IC chip to cut off electromagnetic waves. It acts the same was as a lightening rod by safely conducting the EMF energy away to the ground.  This safely reduces your EMF exposure.
  • EMF layers of fabric. Special layersof fabric within the 17 layers of material which make up the BioMat provide and added layer of protection.
  • Converting Electricity from AC current to DC current.Within the control unit, there is technology that converts the electricity from harmful AC (Alternating Current) electricity to DC (Direct Current) electricity which is more harmonious to the body.

All Amethyst Biomat products have been tested for EMFs by TUV SUD for Electromagnetic Fields and were found to be in compliance with IEC 62233 (ed 1.) and EN 62233:2008.

The Biomat has also passed the standards for electrical safety in Korea, Japan, Russia and the International Electrical Safety Board.

If you were to pass an EMF meter (a tool commonly used to measure EMFs) over the Biomat, you would see that it registers at zero over the entire body of the Biomat.  There would be readings on the cord that goes from the electrical outlet in your wall to the Biomat controller.  There may be low readings over the controller and the cord leading to the Biomat and where it connects to it.  For this reason, some people who are very sensitive to EMFs have this plug at their feet and not at their head when they use the Biomat as an extra precaution.

If you have any questions about the Biomat, it’s technology, please feel free to contact us.

If you are ready to order, you can do so through our secure online order form for orders in North America. For International orders, contact us for personal assistance.

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