Does the Biomat® 7000mx have Amethyst Crystals Tourmaline or both?

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Does the Biomat® 7000mx have Amethyst Crystals Tourmaline or both?

In 2013 Richway International released the new Biomat® 7000mx. This new model of Biomat®s include both Amethyst crystals and Tourmaline in every Biomat®.

Tourmaline is found within layers 3 and 6 of the unique 17 layers of BioTechnology used in every Biomat®.

Layer 6 is the TOCA layer (TOurmaline CAtch power) that provides strong Negative Ions and Magnetic reaction.

You will see actual Amethyst crystals in the “ribs” of every Biomat®. Only the Mini Biomat®, and the Amethyst Pillow have Tourmaline in the “ribs” as well. It alternates one Amethsyt rib then one Tourmaline rib all the way down the Mini Biomat® or the Pillow.

When I say “ribs” I mean each tube-like bump that you see in the picture of the Biomat®.

It is an honour and privilege to support you on your journey to wellness.

The Richway Bio Mat is an incredible health tool that may be a good fit for you, however, you need to do your research and ask lots of questions.
If you’d like more information about Richway’s Amethyst Biomat®, please feel free to contact me, or read more on my website. I respond to all inquiries promptly.

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