The Truth About the Biomat®

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The Truth About the Biomat®

Amethyst Biomat Review

There are some things you should know before you consider buying the Richway Amethyst Biomat, which I will cover in this comprehensive Biomat review.

(note: it’s the Richway Amethyst Biomat and not Ridgeway Bio mat, people sometimes hear the company name incorrectly)

Sometimes wellmeaning and unbiased resources can have some incorrect and misleading information on basic product information like crystals in the product. Like any proactive consumer, you will find the correct information as you do your reasearch.

In addition to reading below, I encourage you to visit for the most current and up to date product information about the Biomat.

Let me share with you my personal product review of the BioMat, plus explain some basic information about the BioMat and Richway.

First, who am I?

My name is Jennifer and I’m passionate about wellness.

I truly believe that it is up to each of us to take control of our health. I started exploring natural therapies in 2002 and began working with a naturopath in 2003, and I’ve added other complimentary health modalities to my health team/toolkit along the way.

Being a Mom, focusing on natural rememdies is really important to me. I don’t like chemicals and prefer natural treatments over medications.

I’ve worked in the wellness industry since 2008. I’ve attended public wellness events, I’ve even attended industry tradeshows where health food stores discover new products to carry in their stores. I’m always learning about new wellness tools and resources. I remember visiting a booth at the Natural Products Expo in Boston a few years ago, where a company was selling a brightly coloured kids drink, and the marketing for the product resembled a favourite classic children’s toy, but the ingredients were crap (I’m not even sure why they were at this show). When they discovered I had a wellness site, they wanted me to review their product. I simply walked away- their product was not in integrity with wellness choices I make.

There is A LOT of information about wellness out there.

So many different points of view, and information sources. It can be really overwhelming. It is important for you do you your own Biomat review – checking all of the product information, making sure you’re learning from resources who actually know about the product.  The Richway USA website is a good place to start.

Some people can provide misleading information to try to take advantage of people, especially people who are not well and who are desperate for something to make them feel better. And that really disappoints me.

I do my best to provide safe and accurate information, especially about the Biomat. I’m not here to sell something– I’m here to provide information so you can make an informed decision.

In fact I’ve had conversations with people where I’ve talked them out of getting something because I didn’t think it was the best investment for them, there was something that would work just as well, or better for their needs.

I have been representing the Richway products since 2008 (note, I am not affiliated in any way with any other Infrared Mat companies).

You can “meet” me in the video on this this page 🙂

Below is some of my Biomat story, as well as answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions about the Biomat (FAQs)

My Personal Biomat Review: The Biomat’s impact on my health and my family’s health:

I first tried Richway’s Amethyst BioMat back in 2008 at a wellness show. I was tired from walking the show floor and after just 20 minutes of lying down on the BioMat I felt refreshed, it reduced my fatigue. And I noticed I slept really well that night.

I tried it again at an information session the following week, and also noticed I slept really well again. I was getting up lots through the night because my kids were young, so getting a deep sleep without feeling drowsy the next morning was priceless.

At this point I would typically tell you more about my personal experience, however, to ensure compliance with the US FDA and FTC I can’t share all the details. I can tell you that it has helped me and my family with:

  • sleeping better, getting a deeper sleep, even when I only get a little bit of sleep
  • relieving muscle pain,
  • reducing/eliminating lower back pain
  • reducing pain with arthritis
  • and helping muscle strains.

It’s helped my son recover from sports injuries and my 80 year old mother recover from a day of playing in the garden or shovelling snow. I can tell you is that it helped me in a big enough way that it inspired me to want to feel that way every day, so I bought a mini BioMat.

I have personally witnessed the health transformation in people using the Amethyst BioMat. I have seen an injured colleague of mine go from looking stiff, finding it difficult to move, to walking with more ease within 24 hours of using the BioMat. By using the Biomat, she relaxed the muscles that were injured which allowed her to do some gentle stretches which speeded her recovery.

I have received many letters, notes and hugs of gratitude from people with various health issues after using the BioMat. My son uses it regularly when he’s strained muscles in sports. It brings me such joy to know I am helping people on their journey to good health.

Amethyst Crystals

I have since learned a lot about crystals and the incredible qualities of Amethyst crystals. They tend to resonate with most people and it is often the first crystal people are drawn too as they learn about stones and crystals. Since 2008 I have developed an affinity and appreciation for crystals having accumulated a small collection of 50 different stones.

What Crystals are in the Amethyst Biomat and BioBelt?

As you review the Biomat crystals for each of the products, it’s clear to see what is contained in each model.  You can see the crystals in the Professional Biomat and the Mini Biomat in the video below.

The Professional, Single, Queen and King size Amethsyt Biomats contain:

  • Amethyst crystals that you can see in the ridges of the mat
  • Black Tourmaline within the unique TOCA catch layer of the mat

The Mini Biomat (seen below) contains:

  • Amethyst crystals that you can see in the ridges of the mat
  • Black Tourmaline that you can see in the ridges of the mat
  • Black Tourmaline within the unique TOCA catch layer of the mat

The Biobelt contains:

  • Amethyst,
  • Green Jade,
  • Tourmaline,
  • Crystal,
  • Citrine,
  • Topaz,
  • Elvan and
  • Tiger’s Eye.

Review Biomat- Mini what is includedWhat is included with a Biomat?

When you order a Biomat, you receive:

  • The Biomat
  • Natural cotton cover, to make it easy to wash
  • A controller
  • Information package on how to use it, and quality and testing certification from various organizations.
  • Carrying case- the Mini and Professional Biomat come with a hardshell luggage like travel case. The Single, Queen and King have a duffle bag style case.

What is the temperature range of the Biomat?

The Mini Biomat temperature range is 104F-158F (40C-70C).

The Professional, Single, Queen and King have a temperature range of 95F-158F (35C-70C).

Below is a video for how to use the Professional Biomat controller, there are several buttons to adjust the temperature up and down. As you can easily see there are not any tablet like screens to maneuvere, simply buttons to push to adjust the temperature and timer. You don’t nee to know how to use a tablet to use the Biomat. Here’s a video with how to use the Biomat Controller:

FDA Approved Medical Device:

The Richway Biomat is a FDA approved Medical device. Richway is committed to providing safe products for the public to use. In January 2013 Richway was contacted by the FDA as there was an issue with the procedures in manufacturing process of the Biomat. There were no safety concerns about the product itself at that time. The FDA requires certain procedures to be followed to ensure products are produced safetly. Richway changed their procedures to be compliant with the FDA Richway made the updates required by the FDA. If the Biomat was not FDA compliant, then the Biomat would not be available any more- the FDA simply wouldn’t allow Richway to sell it.

Who SHOULDN’T Use the Biomat:

It is important that you know that the Amethyst BioMat is NOT for everyone. You can see more on this list of safety precuations from Richway. For instance, if you are pregnant , you should seek your doctor’s advice before using the Amethyst BioMat.

How soon will you notice a difference in your health?

It really varies. I have had many people try the Biomat at wellness events, and they notice a shift in how they feel after just 5-15 minutes. I have noticed that people who have pain tend to notice a difference right away. In some instances, it take several weeks or months for the healing that happens on the inside (with the help of the deep penetrating far infrared rays) to be noticeable on the outside. I have had some people try it and enjoy the warmth, but they didn’t have a health issue they wanted to address, so they didn’t want to make the health investment at that time. And i honour that. Chances are, if you are reading this article, you have health issues you want to get relief from. You can contact me and I can help you determine whether or not the Biomat may be a good fit for you.

How can I experience the Biomat?

If you are interested in trying the BioMat, here are a few opportunities to consider, so you can do your own Biomat review:

  • Rent the BioMat from a distributor in your area. I’m located just west of Toronto, Ontario and rent out the Professional and Mini BioMat. You can contact me for availability.
  • Try the BioMat at a health and wellness event.
  • Attend an information session. I typically host or co-host 2-3 sessions per year.
  • Visit a practitioner who uses the Amethyst BioMat in their practice and have a BioMat session. I offer 30 minute and 60 minute BioMat sessions. (I have a few contacts in the Greater Toronto area and in British Columbia like Victoria and a few in the United States I can refer you to)

TIP: Easiest way to try the Biomat in the United States:

Here’s one more tip for American’s who are considering purchasing the BioMat but want to try it first: If you can’t find a distributor closeby to rent the BioMat from or to try a session, consider buying a BioMat anyway. Richway has an amazing return policy- they will give you a full refund if you return it within the first 7 days of receiving it.

So, when you order the Biomat if you end up not liking it, you will only have paid out the cost of shipping the BioMat. To explain further, when you buy the BioMat you pay for the product and shipping; and if you don’t like it, they refund the value of the BioMat 100%. That means that you will be out of pocket the cost of shipping only, which is the same or cheaper than renting the BioMat for a week.

Where does the Biomat ship from?

The Biomat will ship from one of the locations listed on Richway’s marketing materials:

  • R&L Corporation -South Korea– this is where the Amethsyt Biomat is made. Korea will ship to most of Asia (except China & Japan), Australia and New Zealand.
  • Richway & Fuji Bio Inc. – Hawaii, USA– The majority of orders in US $ are processed through the Richway USA office. This is not some tiny office, this is the hub of operations for North America and they process the orders for other destinations as well. All North American repairs are processed here. I’m in contact with this location regularly. Orders going to North America and South America are shipped from the Distribution centre in Illinois, USA.
  • Shaoxing Richway Trading Co., Ltd, China – Orders to destinations in China are shipped from the Chinese office.
  • Richway Europe B.V. – The Netherlands Orders for Europe and Africa are shipped from The Netherlands. These orders can be processed in Euros.
  • Richway & Life Japan Corporation – orders for Japan are processed and shipped from the Japanese office.
  • Richway now has a distribution centre in Brisbane,  Australia!

What is the best size of Biomat to get?

The best size to get is the size that you can most easily use in your lifestyle. Take time to review your needs and how you will use the Biomat. You can download the Biomat size guide and I’ll take you through a series of questions to help you understand the best size of Biomat for your needs.

Who to Buy the Biomat from?

You cannot purchase the Biomat from Richway directly. Some websites appear to be the “Official Biomat website,” but they are simply authourized Independant Sales Associates (ISA), like me. All Sales Associates must charge the price specificied by Richway. All orders are shipped from their distribution centres (that is also how you know you are getting a new product).

Look for Awesome Customer Service

If you decide to buy a Richway Amethyst BioMat, I suggest that you get to know the representative who is selling the product line. Buy your BioMat from someone with impeccable customer service. For instance, I always check in with my clients that have purchased a BioMat to see if they have any questions and ensure they are enjoying it. I also help my clients to get the right size of BioMat for their needs. In fact I’ve been representing the BioMat since 2008 and in all of those years, I have only had 2 people return their BioMat, because they bought the wrong size.

I have received several phone calls and emails from people who have not heard back from the person they ordered their BioMat from.

Because I believe in the integrity of the Biomat, I have helped those individuals get the answers to their questions when their representative didn’t respond. Don’t misunderstand me, Richway International stands behind their product. They are a member of the Better Business Bureau and have been acknowledged in the business community for their high standards. The problem is that not all people who sell the Richway product line operate at the same level of standards as Richway does. In closing, I sincerely believe that the Richway Amethyst BioMat has made a huge difference in my life and in the health of my family, friends and clients. However, each individual is different. Just because one health tool worked for one person, it doesn’t mean it will help someone else, so if you can, try the BioMat before you buy it.

Need More Information about this Biomat Review?

As you review the Biomat information, I invite you to contact me if you have any questions. It would be an honour to help you on your road to good health. The short video above provides an overview of the difference between the Mini BioMat and Professional Biomat.

You can find more BioMat videos on my You Tube Channel


  1. Maria says:

    Thanks for your review. I am based in Ireland and I was willing to buy the Biomat as I am having a hard time for the last 6 months due to my arthritis condition. Doing a research, I found this website where they offer the Biomat at a very good price.
    After reading your post (about prices from official sellers) I am now worry if this is genuine or scam.
    Could you have a look on it and let me know your thoughts, please? I cant afford the full price of it and this alternative was very good, if the website is a genuine Biomat seller.
    Thank you,

    • Jennifer Lyall says:

      Hi Maria,
      Thanks for your kind comment. The link you provided was to a website that has an imitation Biomat. In the last few years many companies have flooded the Far Infrared Mat market, and are imitating the Biomat, copying the language directly from Richway’s website (they make the Original Amethyst Biomat) and making their products look the same. It certainly makes it difficult for consumers to know if what they are getting is authentic. Here’s a list of things to look for to help you understand if you are seeing an Authentic Biomat or an Imitation:

      Some of these products may be just what people need at a lower price point, however, often times, the products cost less are of inferior quality, and don’t last as long. The Biomat I purchased in 2008 is still going strong. That is 10 years ago now! The money paid is well worth it.

      I have seen some products with reviews of people complaining that they have caught fire due to poor construction.

      The Richway Biomat meets international safety standards from various agencies around the world. It has also has been approved as a medical device in Canada and the United States.

      I can help you with placing your order in Ireland if you like. It ship to you within about 2 weeks from our distribution centre in The Netherlands.

      Our clients LOVE the Biomat for relieving their arthritic pain.
      Please let me know if I can help you further, by contacting me through the Contact button on the menu above 🙂

  2. ManuelCok says:

    it’s a really great site!So much helpful info and handy ideas, bless you =)

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